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Disclaimer: For absolute accuracy, please verify all land ownership information with the Land Registry Department, Montserrat.

Land Information

Land Information can be obtained by entering a Parcel Identification Number (PID). This is a combination of the section number, block and parcel number. The results of your search can be viewed in your web browser or as a file that can be sent to your printer.

            Parcel Information        
            Aerial Photography        

Aerial Photography

15cm resolution data, depicting the island in its entirety. You are able to view Montserrat’s roads, buildings and vegetation as they were in 2010. You are able to export your area of interest in many formats including jpeg, tiff or pdf.



The contours of Montserrat are provided at 2m intervals. You are able to view the slope of the land and details are given for every contour line, showing the height above sea level.


Other Features

  • Pan and zoom to areas of interest.
  • Search for specific features on a map.
  • Display additional information about the features shown on a map.
  • Measure the length and area of features.
  • Add external geo-referenced data as shapefiles.
  • Make annotations on a map.
  • Save a specific map with annotations to use later.
  • Print and create reports on features and information contained within the map.
  • Share your map with others.